All she wants do do is get rid of this hell

Me in hell

Another morning
I wake up and I feel save
Feel strong and brave
Then I remember
And the safety disappears
Voices whisper in my ears:
Another day in hell begins

Another midday
I pretend to be alright
Had forgotten overnight
But I remember
Acting deaf and acting dumb
Feeling empty, feeling numb
Another day in hell goes on

Another evening
Bad thoughts are circling all the day
Like vultures, waiting for their prey
Forced to remember
I got lost within my head
I got lost, no turnig back
Another day in hell goes by

Another night
At times I'm crying in my sleep
I moan, while dreaming, and I weep
I still remember
It's your face I see all night
Ever since your out of sight
Even gone you tear me down
Even gone you make me drown
Another day in hell has passed 

And yet the next shall wait to come
I live in hell since you are gone. 


Titelsong: Linkin Park - Carousel 

24.8.08 18:18


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